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Patagonian Life

  • Estancia Cerro Guido

Nestling below the Sierra Contreras Mountain Range, the Estancia (working ranch) Cerro Guido is the hub from which 100,000 hectares of land, 50,000 head of sheep and 2,000 head of cattle are administered. Steeped in close to 100 years of history this working Patagonian ranch shows our guests a world that is very rarely seen. A lifestyle that is at times romantic and at times unforgiving is brought to life as workers from the ranch walk us through the lives and lifestyle of the Patagonian Baqueano (Cowboy).

*Visits to estancias are subject to change,
*There are no activities on sundays

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Esquila Pre-parto
September - October

In Patagonia, the "esquila" (shearing) is the process of removing the sheep's wool at specific times throughout the year. The esquila pre-parto is when they remove a limited portion of wool from the bellies of the sheep a few months before the full shearing takes place. The esquila pre-parto at Estancia Cerro Guido normally happens between September and October each year; however, exact dates depend on the weather.

December - January

At Cerro Guido, the full shearing takes place between December and January, usually lasting about a full two weeks. Before the actual shearing takes place, there is the chance to see how Chilean cowboys or "baqueanos" herd the flocks with their specially trained dogs, gathering thousands of sheep at a time to prepare for the shearing.

La Señalada
January - February

During the summer months, usually January and February, Cerro Guido brands their sheep in a process called la señalada. This makes their sheep easily identifiable among the animals of other estancias in the area. La señalada is performed by making a quick incision in a particular shape on the ears of all Cerro Guido sheep.

Esquila De Ojo

The third type of shearing that takes place during the year at Cerro Guido is the esquila de ojo where only wool from around the sheep's eyes and face is removed to allow for better sight during the winter months. Similarly to the other esquilas, there is the opportunity to witness the massive sheep herding as the baqueanos bring them to the main area of the estancia for shearing.

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